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Prayers of St. Clare of Assisi to the Five Wounds of Our Saviour.

  • 27 januari, 2017

1. To the Wound of the Right Hand Praise be to Thee, O Jesus Christ, for the most sacred wound in Thy right hand. By this adorable wound, and by Thy most sacred Passion, pardon me all the sins I have committed against Thee in thought, word, and deed, and all negligence in Thy service, and all sensuality for which I have been to blame whether asleep or awake. Grant that I may be able to recall with devotion Thy most pitiful death and sacred wounds; grant me the grace to mortify my body, and so to offer a pledge of my gratitude to Thee. Who livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen. Our Father,...

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Article: The Doctrine of the Incarnation of the Son of God is, in no Sense, Icredible, Unseemingly, or Ineasonable.

  • 20 januari, 2017

The Christian religion maintains inviolably that God is, that His person subsists in two natures, viz., the Divine Nature and the Human; and that the union between these natures is so perfect that the Person who is God is likewise Man. No parallel to this union can be found in nature, for the simple reason, that no perfect created substance can be united to another substance in such a manner as to become one with it. Even the union between soul and body cannot be compared to the union between the Word and the human nature. The soul is the form of the body; but form is imperfect; and as God is Perfection,...

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Article: The Christian Doctrine of Original Sin is Neither Unreasoble nor Incredible

  • 27 mars, 2016

In order the better to understand both what has been said, and what still remains to be said, we must touch on the subject of that original sin, whereby the whole human race has been defiled. We have already shown, that God, in His own good time, created the world, placing over it, as the head of all things, man, endowed with an intellectual, immortal and most noble soul; and that to this soul was fitted an immortal body, obedient in all things and proportioned to the soul, which, as form, governs its matter, the body. But, since intellectual knowledge depends upon the senses, and senses cannot...

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Article: The Defective and Erroneous Religiones Taught by Heathen Philosophers.

  • 6 januari, 2016

(Originally published in Adoremus #10 2010.) We must preface our remarks by observing that the teaching of heathen philosophy, even where its leaders have not taught erroneous doctrine, is, in all that regards salvation, exceedingly poor and insufficient. Nor can we wonder at this, seeing that their only guide was the light of human reason. For, as the end to which we aspire must be the rule of all our operations, those who undertake to lead men to a virtous way of living ought, at least, to know what is the true end of human life. Now, the heathen sages could have no such knowledge, because it exceeds...

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